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I’ve Arrived!

I have safely arrived in Glasgow!  I’ve gotten to my room, unpacked everything, and even bought a few groceries for the next day or so.

I’m living at Lister House, which is a postgraduate residence run by the University of Glasgow.  Essentially, it’s a cross between a flat and a dorm, though I guess the only reason it’s like that is because the kitchen has a fire door and the layout is more rooms around a hallway rather than rooms around a common living area.  But everything looks great, there’s lots of space, and I’ve successfully unpacked everything, making me one very happy person.

I also received a box of goodies that has five teabags, a mini Lipton iced tea, a free SIM card, and some candy.  It’s a major score.

And then there’s the fact that I appear to be mistaken about studying at University of Glasgow.  Really, I’m studying at Hogwarts:

Main Campus at U of Glasgow

Main Campus at U of Glasgow, taken from my phone.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Arrived!

  1. Terry Cowell

    You can tell the gift box was for a Yank, no self respecting Scot would drink iced tea. Glad you are unpacked, now go get some chocolate and relax.

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